How It Works

Going solar with the Sierra Club’s installation partner, Creative Energies, is simple and affordable. Here’s how it works:

Strong incentives in Utah and Wyoming can make solar easy and affordable – most systems pay for themselves in 5 – 7 years. As demand grows, the incentives are decreasing, so now is the time to make your solar investment. Sign up today to save thousands of dollars on your energy bill! 

Sign up for a Free Solar Estimate

When you submit the Free Estimate form, a solar specialist from Creative Energies will contact you to schedule a free solar evaluation. The initial evaluation is provided over the phone while they survey your roof with Google Earth. It’s a great way to gather basic information on solar, ask specific questions about your home, and discuss a few of your solar options.

If your roof qualifies and you are interested in learning more, an on-site evaluation is scheduled. It takes about an hour, and the consultant will provide you with specific, cost-effective options for going solar. After that you will have everything you need to make a decision.


Choose the Option that Works for You

Thanks to Creative Energies and the Sierra Club, the cost of going solar has never been lower. In fact, through this program we guarantee that Sierra Club members will receive best-in-region pricing for high quality, turn-key solar installations. Many options are available, and each proposal is customized to fit your energy usage and financial needs.


Work with a Dedicated Team to Get Your System Installed:

Creative Energies will take care of the incentive paperwork, prepare your net metering application, coordinate your permit and electrical inspection, provide you with information to help you file for tax credits, and coordinate your entire installation process. You can relax and enjoy lower energy bills and the clean solar power coming from your roof in as little as 4 – 5 weeks!


Start your free solar estimate with the Utah or Wyoming Chapter Sierra Club and Creative Energies

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